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Digital Pressure Gauge

The Parallax and Drift Errors of traditional pressure gauges is intolerable and still bothering us, while we have tuned every part of our PCP Airguns to get more accuracy. This next-generation 28mm pressure gauge is built on Analog to Digital Converter technology and is designed to offer repeatable, reliable, and accurate pressure measurements over time, even in a variety of harsh environments.

  • ±0.25% Accuracy Sensor insures the Digital Reading
  • Waterproof touch panel gives you easier interaction
  • Rechargeable lithium battery gives you 600 days standby time

Fill Adaptor

Installing a Fill Adaptor on your tanks needs some skills and hard works to make sure the pressure gauge is in the right direction. Have you ever thought this fill adaptor can rotate freely? SEKHMET Fill Adaptor gives you an option which is pocket size and easy to operate.

  • Small size, easy to use and portable
  • Easy to read the pressure when the shell can be rotated freely on the bottle
  • Pressure gauge & bleed valve 2 in 1

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